A Brief Overview: ProLeague MVP

The ProLeague MVP & Roadmap will consist of many components and has a total of five phases including Preparation/R&D. I would like to dive into some of the core components and briefly explain why they are important.

Estimated time for MVP Development: 20–24 Weeks

In Phase One of development, we will start working on our Wallet. This is one of the most important components of the platform since we are fairly certain you would want to get paid! Our wallet will be built within the platform and will connect to your Phantom or Slope Wallet. From there, you will be able to start transacting on the ProLeague platform. You will be able to accept many cryptocurrencies including Solana, USDC and our ProLeague token. These payments could come from our NFT marketplace, winning a game or claiming platform achievements. Regardless of the source, this means no more paypal, cash app or waiting 30–90 days for a tournament payout.

Now, let’s jump all the way to Phase Four….

In Phase Four we will be working on our main component, the Tournament & League engine. This component is what everyone will be using to create their own tournaments and leagues for their communities. This will be a very crucial part of our MVP development. We want to be as detailed as possible when it comes to our parameters for the creation process and procedures. We will be requesting assistance and feedback from the community while creating this piece.

Next, we have Statistics!

Statistics are another crucial part of the ProLeague platform. We will be implementing our unique Proof of Play Protocol with web2 and web3 game statistics. Any gamer that plays a game on the platform will be automatically utilizing the Proof of Play Protocol. Statistics will vary for each game and genre, and there will be a very detailed hub for statistics. Again, will be wanting feedback from the communities they will help us shape this product.

Lastly, I would like to talk about our NFT Marketplace. What good is a gaming platform to play your favorite games if you can’t trade assets with your fellow gamers? Not much. We want players to be able to find the best assets and fast. When there’s a big game coming up and you need something on the fly, you cannot have to spend time going to another website, connecting your wallet, and purchasing. We understand that. Our NFT Marketplace will be robust with features and filters that will allow you to easily manage and find your favorite collections. For all the power sellers and grinders, we will be having features dedicated especially to you!

Overall, every part of our MVP development is important and I will be expanding on every section at a later time.

Thanks for reading this. I will have more writings released soon.



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