A Brief Overview- Verified Esports Profiles

Hey Everyone,

Today, I would like to briefly discuss verified esports profiles and how they will benefit the industry in its entirety.

ProLeague is a platform about trying new things and exploring unknown territories. All of our secret sauces will work together to make the platform operate to its full potential.

Esports as an industry is still in its infancy. It still has not made it as a mainstream sport nor is it in the Olympics … yet. Leagues still operate online events without KYC and sometimes people get caught cheating. This is just one of the many issues that are still unsolved but I would like to focus on solving it and smurfing in this article.

ProLeague Verified Profiles is one of the answers to deterring bad actors on our platform. Cheating in Esports has been around for a long time and will only continue to grow into a bigger problem if it is not handled now. With emerging technologies like blockchain, we can effectively fight bad actors. By having verified profiles of our users we will know exactly who they are since they will be required to go through the KYC process. We will also be able to place an alert on their blockchain record that they have a history of cheating. By combining the Proof of Play Protocol and verified profiles on-chain we can now fight cheating in Esports effectively.

After a player is caught cheating on our platform whether they have a verified profile or not, they are penalized. Their punishment is based on their history and if they are first-time offenders. If you are a repeat offender you will ultimately be permanently banned.

Now let us dive into Smurfing…

Smurfing has plagued the industry since its inception. People can just create accounts and participate in leagues with a VPN after they are banned. This can particularly become a problem if the outcome of an event is altered due to bad actors. If we take verifying players a step further, we can prevent smurfing in leagues and tournaments altogether.

Now let’s talk about some of the benefits of having a Verified Profile on ProLeague…

To start off, if you are verified and playing in leagues you are already in the Players Association and covered. Secondly, if you are verified your stats are linked to you on the blockchain. You are now able to take your stats off our platform and utilize them in the real world to your advantage by locking down brand deals, sponsor relationships, team memberships, and more.

Verified users will have access to a verified-only section filled with tournaments and leagues. The community tournament organizers will be able to host verified-only events if they choose to do so.


When you have a verified profile you will unlock a dashboard full of robust stats that will be connected on-chain. If you are a player, you will see your game records, streaming stats and more. If you are an organization or team, you can know how well your teams/players are performing or how well your content creators are doing.

Having a verified profile can ensure your fans and communities that they are interacting with the true person and not an impersonator or potential bad actor.

Finally, here are the 5 Ws of the Verified Esports Profiles…

Who are the Verified Esports Profiles for?

The verified profiles are for players, teams, brands, organizations, developers, and guilds.

What are Verified Profiles?

Verified profiles are ProLeague’s KYC process for participants on the platform. We will have an on-chain partner to handle all of the verifications.

When will we be using the Verified Profiles on our platform?

The verified profiles will be used throughout the entire platform. If you have a verified profile you will be able to fully access the platform and its functions. You will only be able to play in official events if you have a verified profile.

Where will the Verified Profiles be utilized?

The verified profiles will be utilized on-chain and on our platform.

Why do we need Verified Profiles moving forward in gaming?

We decided to have the Verified Profiles because we felt it is overall safer for our community. We also have found some really cool ways to work with it as well. With blockchain technologies emerging we can now enhance the gaming experience for everyone! Web3 technologies bring tremendous value to gaming. We can now forever track player performance, content creator stats, and league records, which will allow us to bring value to gamers and pay people instantly.

There’s definitely much more to unpack with verified profiles, but I wanted to give everyone just a brief overview along with the benefits that we see it having overall on the Esports industry.

Thank you for reading. Until next time!



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