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If you are looking for the newest opportunities in what competitive gaming and blockchain can bring, well then look no further than ProLeague. What ProLeague is ready to bring to the world, on its face, may seem ordinary until you look inside. Using blockchain technology and transparency, ProLeague will take gaming competition and esports to the modern era in the way players are paid. No longer will players have to wait 30 to 90 days before receiving a transfer of funds after winning or competing in tournaments. Instead, players will be paid immediately using our web3 social blockchain technology.

As matchmaking has been the bane of many other competition platforms, by allowing pros to use “smurf ‘’ accounts and beating up non-professional players for money, ProLeague will create a matchmaking system using blockchain VRF with our proprietary algorithms. These algorithms are made for the players to create a fair competitive environment, not for you to be manipulated. That’s our promise to you. We’ve created that for all of us.

Creating an esports competitive space is not easy. Solving the myriad of problems such as late payments, no payments, having a fragmented industry, lack of competitive integrity, a lack of consistency in events and competitions was difficult, and ProLeague has watched the scene, noting especially what not to do and has created a platform and network where those things are ancient history. Using smart contracts, proprietary wallets, and bringing on a staff that has experience in running competitions, players will get the most out of ProLeague.

We also have a huge addition that other platforms are unwilling to offer — an online players union. ProLeague will have a players union so that players have a voice to address concerns and players will see that the platform was made to be ethically above reproach and transparent. The ProLeague Players Association will be a dao-like community in which players automatically join by simply signing up and competing. Rules and conditions will be made available well in advance so that there are no surprises.

And why we are creating and introducing the best esports competition platform on the planet, ProLeague will combine its competition expertise with blockchain and crypto where players will have the ability to create, buy, and sell not only new and amazing ProLeague NFT’s, but that of third-party and other gaming NFTs as well. But ProLeague will consist of a vast array of amazing art and digital history with gaming as its theme. And you can do all the buying and selling from the ProLeague platform. No more backroom deals or rugpulls. We’ll eliminate those and more and we bring full transparency to the world of gaming and NFTs. We’ve reached out to the best in the industry to get their input about what we are doing. Their feedback has been crucial in developing our system.

ProLeague is the all in one solution for what plagues esports. We are the stadium you play in. We are the path to pro. You can be drafted to a team natively on the platform. You get paid at the speed of blockchain. Tournament organizers and team managers can easily manage their tournaments and teams leaving them with more time to make their teams and tournaments the best they can be without having to worry about payments. Team managers will be able to natively see their players’ statistics. Bringing the same analytics and statistics available to the NFL/NBA/MLB to our professional esports players and teams.

And now after showing the world our idea, we are ready to provide a roadmap towards the future. We have 14 mile markers to get to including:

Hiring Artists for Early Supporters NFT — We will begin our selection process of selecting artists that meet our standards. (In Progress)

Hiring NFT Launch Partner — The PL team is currently interviewing qualified agencies to assist us with our NFT launches. (In Progress)

Hiring Marketing Partners — We are currently interviewing qualified agencies & people that meet our criteria. (In Progress)

Start Organic/Growth Hack Marketing — After we hire our marketing partners/team; we will begin our Organic Growth Marketing.

Preview NFT Art — After we receive the art back; we will be sharing it with the community for thoughts & suggestions.

Finalize NFT Art — After our community suggestions & input; we will finalize our art.

Reveal NFT Intro Utilities — We will begin revealing some but not all traits of the Early Supporters NFT.

Announce Drop Date.

Finalize & Announce Drop Details

Intro Lite Paper released.

Platform Development Roadmap released.

Early Supporter NFT Launch.

To be revealed.

To be revealed.

Are you ready? ProLeague is here. And while we will be looking forward to the advancement of creating the best competitive gaming and esports platform. ProLeague will continue in its quest to bring fresh and new ideas to the gaming, esports, and crypto spaces. Get ready! It’s almost go time.

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Social Blockchain Gaming/Esports Platform.

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