ProLeague April Recap

Hello Everyone,

It has been some time since I published a Medium article with updates, so let’s do a recap for the month of April! Figured it is a good time to update everyone. In this article I am going to cover the following:

What have we accomplished so far?

What are we doing now?

What do we plan to accomplish?

Strategic Partnerships

Guild Partnerships

When is the next mint?

So let’s dive into it!

First, let’s cover what we have accomplished.

What have we accomplished?

  • The Staking Pages are live. You can now stake your ProLeague Founders Edition NFT.

The only way to currently obtain a Founders Edition NFT is through Magic Eden. Here is the link: Staking Instructions are at the end of this article.

  • We have a new addition to the team. We have brought on a CTO / full-stack engineer. Aaron Carroll will be moving to the CPO role. We will be releasing more information on the new CTO soon :)
  • We have a designer working on platform design.
  • We have brought on a new advisor. Details will be announced when we finalize all the paperwork.

What are we doing now?

We have a lot currently in the works! This is what we are working on right now:

  • Developing the Platform — With the new CTO hire, we have hit the ground running & started development!
  • Researching on-chain voting mechanism for our current NFT Holders. We need to build the tools for the community to communicate with us. We will do that by adopting on-chain voting ASAP. We are looking at multiple solutions and will be making a decision momentarily.
  • Designing a prototype — We are making progress on this with design.
  • Preparing for the next mint — We are going to make sure we do not rush anything and will postpone the mint date if that is necessary to properly market.
  • Expanding on Black Card Memberships — The ProLeague Black Cards will be only for the people who minted during the first sale. There will only be 200ish of these in circulation, which means we are able to explore some very cool ideas! It may take a while for these to get rolling as we want to make sure we do things that provide maximum utility and value. I will expand on this topic sometime in the future.
  • Researching potential utility for $PLG — Creating proper long-lasting utility is no small feat. We want to make sure we are getting this right. We are currently exploring ways we can provide utility prior to the platform launch.
  • Planning tournaments for God’s Unchained, Valorant &MetaOps. We are currently in the process of planning tournaments for the aforementioned games.
  • Updating the website on the expanded roadmap and partnered guild pages

Partnerships — We are always looking for new projects, guilds, teams, or organizations to partner with. Building a healthy ProLeague Ecosystem with top-notch people/companies is one of our top priorities.

  • VC Investments — We know this has been on everyone’s minds. We have been talking to VCs to figure out which VCs are the best fit for us and which are not. We do not have our doors closed to VC investments. Yes, we have been bootstrapped and self-funded so far, but we have met with some wonderful VCs already and are open to working with some in the future!
  • Expanding the Team — We are looking to expand the ProLeague team by bringing on a Community & Marketing Lead who would…
  • Handle daily interactions on Twitter and Discord
  • Work with the marketing team to deliver successful campaigns
  • Host Twitter Spaces on behalf of ProLeague
  • Act as a ProLeague spokesperson

What do we plan to accomplish?

In the coming months, we will be moving forward on many fronts, but the key initiatives are:

  • Release MVP by the end of the Summer or close to it
  • Expand our Engineering Team
  • Focus on building our Growth Team
  • Build out partnerships
  • On-board teams, guilds, brands, & organizations
  • Build, build & more building.

Strategic Partnerships

We have established a partnership with Ready Player Me, a popular cross-game avatar platform, and have one other strategic relationship that we will announce shortly.

You can go ahead and create your Ready Player Me avatar at:

Guild Partnerships

We have partnered with three guilds already and will continue to partner with guilds that want to be a part of ProLeague. Our current official partners are:

  • 3D Gamers Guild
  • Jackpot Guild
  • Dynamic Gaming Guild

The ProLeague website is currently being updated with the partnered guilds. If you would like to partner with ProLeague and be an official guild of our community/platform, please do not hesitate to reach out! We are always looking to meet new guilds!

Staking Instructions

Here are the full instructions on how to stake:

First time staking

  1. Go to
  2. Connect the wallet that holds your ProLeague Founders Edition NFTs
  3. The page will prompt you to create a New Account
  4. Click on the button and approve the transaction
  5. There will be a small gas fee of 0.01307 SOL for the account creation on-chain

Staking Founders Edition NFTs

  1. Under the Not Staked section (left side) you’ll see your Founders Edition NFTs
  2. If you don’t, make sure you connected the wallet that has your NFTs
  3. If you have an issue, open a support ticket and send us the wallet you are using
  4. Select the NFTs you want to stake and click on [Stake X Selected]
  5. There will be a few transactions to approve and small Solana gas fees charged


  1. Similar to the staking process, you can unstake some or all of your NFTs.

If you have any trouble, please DM me or one of the Community Mods by opening a support ticket.

When is the next Mint & what are the details?

Here are the Official Drop details:

  • ProLeague Founders Edition NFT
  • Date: May 4
  • Time: 12pm PT
  • Quantity: 1500
  • Price: 1 SOL

I hope this ProLeague April Recap lets the community know that we are not going anywhere. We are just getting started. This platform is just one piece of the ecosystem.

I look forward to sharing more progress. Talk soon!



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