ProLeague Founders NFT May 16th Mint Details + New Utility/Alpha

Hi Everyone 👋

We hope all is well and everyone is staying strong during these uncertain times!

We have a mint coming up for our Founders Edition NFTs and I wanted to touch base on the drop and what we have in store for the future of ProLeague & our NFTs!

Here are the details of our drop for May 16th:

Price: 1 SOL

Drop Date: May 16th

Quantity: 1500

Time: 12 PM PST

How to Buy: We have two options of payment methods for this mint:

You can purchase it regularly using your Phantom Wallet with 1 SOL.


You can purchase our NFT via credit card. We have integrated Crossmint to ensure an easy, safe & simple process.

Let’s dive into the Utilities!


ProLeague Founders Edition NFT holders are entitled to a multitude of benefits including a Founders discord status, a private Discord, and staking. Some of the other benefits you will be able to access are:

Staking: You can immediately stake your Founders NFT and earn $PLG. $PLG will have many use cases on and off the platform. Visit to get started!

Private Platform Alpha Access: Be the first to access and test the ProLeague platform before anyone else.

Founders Discounts: Holders will be entitled to discounts on any ProLeague fees along with other discounted items across the platform.

Exclusive Founders Airdrops & Whitelists: You’ll get access to exclusive NFTs before anyone else.

ProLeague Founders Events: Be a bigger part of the community with exclusive Founders gaming tournaments and VIP access at live events!

We would also like to introduce a new utility that has never been tried before!

New Utility

Skill Trees: We will be exploring new territories that no one has ever done before in the Solana Ecosystem for NFTs. We will be researching new ways you can level up your ProLeague NFTs with a Skill Tree. Not only will this upgrade or level up a perk of your NFT but it will also change visually!

We are thinking that we start off with 10 levels (for now) for the ProLeague Founders Edition NFT. As of right now, everyone has Level 1. You use your $PLG tokens that you have earned from staking to level up your NFT. We will introduce more ways to level up your NFT as we progress and have the platform up and running.

We are still in the very early stages of development of this new utility but we hope to have more announcements around it soon regarding our development and progress! We will have to create a dashboard for you to log in and spend your $PLG on the NFTs that you want to upgrade/level up.

How much will it cost to upgrade or level up your NFT?

It will be based on a sliding scale. The higher the level, the more $PLG it will cost.

How many skill trees will there be?

To be announced

What are some of the perks I could potentially upgrade?

Here are some example perks you could potentially upgrade:

  • Staking Bonuses
  • Discounts
  • Performance

When will this feature be released?

To be announced.

Keep an eye out for plenty more benefits coming over the next few months.

We will only be dropping 1500 of these Founders Edition NFTs at this time. We will keep the mint open until 1500 sell out.

Future Drops

We will have future Official ProLeague NFT drops. The Founders Edition NFT automatically puts you on the list.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to anyone on the ProLeague team.

We look forward to sharing more updates with you! Until next time!


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