ProLeague Partners with PixelPlex to Develop its Play2Earn Blockchain-based Gaming/Esports platform

ProLeague is thrilled to announce its technology partnership with PixelPlex. Together, we will build a Play2Earn ecosystem that will raise the Esports industry to the next level.

Proleague will team up with PixelPlex to develop a first-of-its-kind platform that will connect everyone interested in the Esports market and allow not only professionals but also casual gamers receive income. We’re building the Proleague platform with the goal to tackle the key challenges associated with the Esports industry, such as the necessity to legitimize Esports, cheating and lack of transparency, and the need to enable casual players to derive revenue. We strongly believe that Esports needs better structure and governance.

Together with PixelPlex, we will develop a platform that allows users to participate and organize leagues and tournaments, track personal stats, test their skills, as well as trade and mint NFTs (game highlights, player’s awards and achievements, etc.).

The future platform will rely on blockchain technology for it being capable of ensuring enhanced security, transparency, and effective monetization mechanisms. We were searching for experienced developers capable of delivering blockchain-based solutions and chose PixelPlex thanks to their extensive experience in blockchain development and impressive portfolio.

We are planning to roll out an MVP in 20–24 weeks. The future platform will allow users to earn yield while playing and participating in tournaments. It will also boast an NFT marketplace with its token — ProLeague token, which will be used for a wide range of activities, such as annual subscription, tournament participation fee, NFT minting, and more.

We are also happy to announce that we have already launched whitelisting, allowing you to acquire a whitelist spot by submitting your Solana wallet. Our developers agreed to accept Solana as payment to get started. We promise to be as transparent as possible.

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“We are very excited to work with PxelPlex on the development of our platform. Their history of delivering best-of-breed products in the blockchain space will help ensure that ProLeague is well positioned to succeed in all facets of our plan.”

About PixelPlex
Established in 2007,
PixelPlex is a software development company focusing on the development of blockchain-based software applications. The company performs full-cycle software development from app design and consulting to quality assurance and support. Working across multiple business domains, PixelPlex has successfully delivered more than 350 solutions for companies of all sizes.

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