A Brief Overview: Proof of Play Protocol

When I first started writing the ProLeague platform, I aimed to solve many problems within one unified platform. It’s not an easy task to do, especially for Gaming & Esports. ProLeague aims to be here for the long haul and will provide actual value to our platform participants while solving many industry issues at the same time.

The Proof of Play Protocol is a ProLeague first-mover advantage and long-term fix that will enable players to convert their virtual stats into real-world data. The stats can range from Content Creator data to Competitive Player details. When stats from a player’s career are stored on the blockchain, they become immutable, tamper-proof data. Due to that permanence and certainty, players will now be able to create resumes and submit them to college or professional teams, and those schools and teams — along with their sponsors and related brands — can easily verify this data on the blockchain.

I wrote about this in the ProLeague Discord, but forgot to share it with the rest of the world :)

No other platform has attempted this so we are entering uncharted waters….Wish us luck!

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A Brief Overview: Proof of Play Protocol

Proof of Play Protocol is an idea that will help gamers turn their virtual game career statistics into real-world data that is immutable & stored on the blockchain. By having immutable & tamper-proof data gamers can start building their resumes and potentially get scouted by a college and/or professional team … we are giving gamers real-world value and helping them build their own careers. Power to the players! With players having their stats tracked on the blockchain and uploaded to their ProLeague Player Profile they will now be able to send their profiles directly to prospects. A team, organization, college or brand can all benefit from this!

Content Creators that are also competitive players can get sponsored by brands on our platform! Brands will be able to see a person’s stats ranging from followers/fans and viewer count to game stats, winnings, games played and more. This is all very important information for a brand. With the data now being stored on an immutable blockchain database they can invest confidently into their potential next brand ambassador/sponsoree.

Competitive Players benefit greatly from the Proof of Play Protocol. We essentially take their virtual stats from web2 games such as CS:GO, CoD, etc., and import them onto the blockchain along with the ProLeague Profile. After all this data is synced after each game your profile should update with the correct statistics.

Every time someone plays a match on the ProLeague platform; the Proof of Play Protocol is being utilized. The player proof of attendance/play will be stored on the blockchain along with the respectable stats for that game/match.

Organizations, Guilds & Teams can utilize the Proof of Play Protocol in a few different ways. First, they will be able to search confidently on the platform and set parameters for the criteria they are looking for in a player. Whether it’s their rank, league experience, tournament experience, winnings, online presence, or other defining characteristics.

Fun Stuff

The Proof of Play Protocol is also the way ProLeague will be gamifying every interaction on the platform. By having this protocol in place, players will be able to gain experience and level-up their ProLeague profile. You can get EXP for watching someone’s stream for x amount of time. Other examples could potentially be uploading videos or blog posts, getting x number of fans, etc. The more you interact on the platform and grind, the more experience you will gain. If you watch someone’s stream or become a Mega Fan of theirs, you could become part of their exclusive fan club and get perks that nobody else gets with that influencer.

One of the reasons we have these life-changing fixes for Gaming and Esports is thanks to blockchain technologies. Without it, none of this would be possible.

Looking forward to sharing more with you on this journey!



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